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4 Advantages of T-slotted Aluminium Extrusion Frame

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4 Advantages of T-slotted Aluminium Extrusion Frame

Whether you are assembling a large production line, installing automation equipment, or setting up a workbench for a production line, you may need a metal framework to install robotic parts, dispensers, or other automated assembly equipment. Many factory owners choose traditional welded steel structures to enhance their strength and durability. However, aluminium extrusion frames are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons.

Zhongjda Industry Aluminium Extrusion Framework is a modular solution that consists of Aluminium extrusion profiles with a unique T-slot design, and series of specialized connectors & fasteners, which allows designer or purchaser to adjust the structure frame according to their own needs.

Because the framework is aluminium, it often has a higher price tag than steel (actually less than stainless steel). But don’t you found that aluminium extrusion frames offer distinct advantages over other material frames (such as wood, stainless steel) systems?


1. Extensive Application Range:

With its unique decoration, good sound insulation, heat preservation, and recyclability are widely used in construction field, and with extrusion molding and high mechanical and physical properties, good thermal conductivity and high specific strength, etc; Suitable for machine frame, bracket, door, industrial automation equipment, factory and office workbenches, shelves, containers, ladders, etc.

2. Ease of Assembly and Convenient Installation:

Modular and multifunctional, without complex design and processing, can quickly frame an ideal mechanical equipment cover.

Some people say steel is cheaper than aluminium in the same unit. But one implicit cost should not be ignored — labour, especially for intensive setup. During the assembly process, you need to hire a professional assembler to put the pieces into place, and even you have to employ skilled worker (and/or processing facilities) to cut, weld the materials. And more it’s impossible to finish in a short time.


3. Adaptability to Changes and Attractive Appearance

The modular structure determines the T-slot aluminium extrusion framework own incomparable performance of adaptive variability, the frame systems are much more flexible than steel. Pieces or parts can be interrupted and disconnected, then reassembled as needed. Moreover, the aluminium extrusion frame structure can be vernier adjustment, it’s simple to move the connectors or fasteners a few millimetres here or there to achieve proper installation.

On the contrary, the steel must be planned a welded structure before installation, even each measurement and bolt must be precisely determined ahead of time. The moment these steels are permanently welded together and drilled into precise holes, it is hard to change the positions. so once the equipment or processes change down the road, the steel structure may not be able to adapt accordingly.

T-slot aluminium extrusion frame needs not painting compared with steel structure which must be protectively coated to help slow the inevitable process. Anodized aluminium extrusion has the good-looking appearance and good capacity of anti-corrosion by nature.


4. Easy Maintenance

Framework Assembly Drawing

Because of the modular nature of T-slot aluminium extrusion frame, it’s easy and rapid to renewal the parts when the structure is damaged during production. But if you switch to another material, take steel structure, for example, firstly you must stop production to repair it. You can imagine the process of maintenance: Cutting down the damaged piece and welting back a new one; the machine must stop working throughout the maintenance.

Zhongjda Industry important reminder: Although T-slot aluminium extrusion framework has many advantages, one benefit of which is aluminium’s lightness; the corresponding disadvantage is not very Strong. So it’s very necessary to evaluate for the loads and forces of each application before assembly. If not sure which framing is right for you? please don’t hesitate to contact Zhongjda Industry Technical, or directly call us at +86 412 5812119, or request an estimate from marketing personnel.

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